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Many of us in Kenya or Africa are looking for ways to make a positive impact in our societies and it is evident that, many people are tired of the job rat race and is now embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship.

If you are that individual who has had thoughts of being self employed some day, then you have aspirations or dreams of starting your own business and hopefully this article will help you somewhat see the nuts and bolts of what you need to know before plunging into your next career move. Likewise someone who is already established into a business and is looking for fresh insights to propel them forward in their business.

Mindset and continual education are both essential for the foundation of being an entrepreneur. Lacking in those areas is what causes the majority of entrepreneurs to fail in business.

Marcus Baker brought up the point that one of the biggest barriers to business owners is that they hold onto the employee mindset. What an excellent point because most of us have been an employee at one time or another so we know being a good employee involves a mindset to please the superiors, follow a job description, etc. That mindset is not going to work for an entrepreneur who needs to make decisions that will directly affect his or her income generation. An employee gets paid the same wage or salary regardless of the output, unlike an entrepreneur.

Might your mindset be holding you back? What type of conversations do you have with yourself? Every person goes through the process of convincing herself of success or failure, victory or defeat. The self-talk of some people will even tell them, “you have to work extremely hard to succeed in all that you do.” While that is true, there is the emptiness of working hard and achieving no results at all, same way you work hard on a job with little or no fruits and recognition. As an entrepreneur, it is more about working smart in order to be successful.

What are you telling yourself? It is imperative that you analyze your internal conversations. That is the key to what is on your mind and how you feel about accomplishing your goals in life. You must train your mind to believe that you can accomplish whatever it is that you WANT in life. (In case you haven’t noticed by now, this topic is much bigger than running your own business – it’s about LIFE).

Once you have begun to lay the foundation of your entrepreneurial journey, you are ready to start looking into what type of business you want for yourself.
This is key because you need to find something that works for you on a variety of levels:

It needs to have the potential to meet your income goals
You need to be passionate about it
It needs to fit into your “why”
You should have some knowledge about it or at least the eagerness to learn
It should fit with your natural talents and abilities
You should be able to envision yourself accomplishing many goals through it

There are many, many options as to which direction you can go – but only you know yourself and the answers to the above points. Whatever you do, don’t let anyone else tell you what you have to do or what you can’t do.

Don’t limit yourself!

Everyone has their own ideas of what will work for you, but they are not you. You are you and you know what you love, you know what you are good at, you know what gets you up in the morning.

What do you want??

Perhaps you want to create something yourself. Many people choose this route and do very well at it. The important thing is to educate yourself. Find out what is needed to really make a living at what you are looking at – the output versus input. Time is of essence, so you want to also estimate how long it will take you to grow your business so that you can start achieving your long term business goals.

Last but not least, continue educating yourself from time to time on how to grow your business. research, read, connect with like minded individuals, go for trainings if possible in line with your business, synchronize your business ideas with the latest technology or market trends and better yourself in what you do. In my own opinion, personal development is also necessary to catapult you to your success. Everyone needs a dose of motivation and inspiration in all that they do to push them forward to achieve results and success.

In conclusion, there are diverse opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs especially in this day and age, your imagination and passion will only determine which way you will go, thus choosing your venture wisely and carefully. The sky is the limit for the 21st Century Entrepreneurs.

It’s your turn, so don’t hold back, plunge in where necessary and at the right opportune moment!

To Your Success!


About viollah2011

I am a passionate entrepreneur currently running a home business in Personal Development. My goal is to inspire individuals from all over the globe to pursue their goals and achieve success in all that they do.
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